Registered Candidates

Oklahoma House of Representatives

Chandler Torbett

OK House District 16

Stephen Frazier

OK House District 23
Stephen Frazier on Facebook

Craig Hoxie

OK House District 23

Angela Graham

OK House District 66

Rusty Rowe

OK House District 66

Carly Hotvedt

OK House District 67

JJ Burnam

OK House District 70

Denise Brewer

OK House District 71

Monroe Nichols

House District 72
Monroe Nichols on Facebook

Regina Goodwin

OK House District 73

Karen Gaddis

OK House District 75

Forrest Mayer

OK House District 76

John Waldron

OK House District 77

Shay White

OK House District 77
Shay White on Facebook

Meloyde Blancett

OK House District 78

Brian Pingleton

OK House District 79

Melissa Provenzano

OK House District 79


Oklahoma Senate

JJ Dossett

OK Senate District 34

Alan Leizear

OK Senate District 36
Alan Leizear on Facebook

United States Congress

Amanda Douglas

United States Congress for Oklahoma Congressional District 1

Tim Gilpin

United States Congress for Oklahoma Congressional District 1


Connie Johnson

Oklahoma Governor

Drew Edmondson

Oklahoma Governor

Lt. Governor

Anastasia Pittman

Oklahoma Lt. Governor
Anastasia Pittman for Lt. Governor

Anna Dearmore

Oklahoma Lt. Governor

State Superintendent

John Cox

Oklahoma Superintendent of Public Education

Insurance Commissioner

Kimberly Fobbs

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner

Become a Candidate

Determine Your District

You can use the Oklahoma Election Board Voter Search Tool to determine the districts in which you reside.

Legal Requirements

For school boards in Tulsa County:

  • Contact that specific school board.

For County Commissioner:

  • Must be 18 years old
  • Can only run for office in the district in which you reside
  • Must be a resident of your district for 6 months

For Oklahoma House:

  • Must be 21 years old
  • Must be a citizen of Oklahoma
  • Can only run for office in the district in which you reside

For Oklahoma Senate:

  • Must be 25 years old
  • Must be a citizen of Oklahoma
  • Can only run for office in the district in which you reside

The Steps to Getting Started

  • Talk to the Party
    • When you talk to the party, you will gain access to Democratic activists in your district and to resources for building your campaign.
  • Set up a Committee
    • You will need a campaign committee with a chairman and a treasurer. This committee is the legal entity that runs your campaign.
  • Get an EIN and Bank Account
    • There are specific rules for campaign donations and expenditures that require a campaign account under your campaign committee. You can obtain an EIN for a political campaign committee at the IRS,gov website
  • Attend Training
    • Your county party will offer training sessions on precinct organization, door knocking, and the Voter Access Network. Also, you must attend an ethics training session offered by the Oklahoma Ethics Commission.
  • Raise $1000 from Friends and Family
    • Fundraising is essential to any successful campaign, and it is important to start immediately by asking those people who are most likely to support you initially.
  • File with the Oklahoma Ethics Commission and know your ethics deadlines
    • Once you raise $1000, you will be legally required to file with the OEC within 10 days.
  • Know your filing date and location, fee and payment format

Any other questions you may have can be directed to