John Olson’s Open Letter to Governor Chris Christie

In the wake of Congressman Jim Bridenstine's shameful vote against the people of New Jersey, John Olson wrote the open letter below to Governor Chris Christie. It is fantastic to see someone speaking up for the people of Oklahoma while our leadership stands silent. See the moving letter below.


See the text version below.


To The Honorable Governor Christie,

Oklahoma’s thoughts and prayers are with the people of New Jersey as you begin to rebuild from the devastation of hurricane Sandy. Additionally, I want to say thank you. Your anti-partisan leadership in the wake of this tragedy has been inspiring to so many of us. Please know that we stand with New Jersey even when some of our representatives in Washington do not.

On behalf of Oklahomans in the First Congressional District I sincerely apologize for Congressman Jim Bridenstine’s callous vote against the people of New Jersey. His vote to deny funding of the National Flood Insurance Act was reprehensible. While he stands defiant in the face of people in need, we do not. There is a time and a place for politics but it is not now. As a citizen of the First District of Oklahoma, I assure you that our Congressman will hear about our displeasure before the next vote concerning this issue and I pray that he will see the light.

Congressman Bridestine was raised in Michigan and should recognize the dangers of the Arctic temperatures in New Jersey in January. Two months is too long to go without relief and support for our fellow Americans should have been unanimous. I am thankful that most of his Republican colleagues were not so unfeeling for their fellow Americans. Coming from a state that sees it’s share of natural disasters, I pray that Jim Bridenstine’s insensitivity will not be held against Oklahomans the next time we see wildfires or the devastation of a tornado and need federal assistance.

Throughout our Nation’s history we have always come together in times of need. Rest assured that the people of Oklahoma are kind and generous. We will support you and understand your plight during this act of God. We make choices every day about the kind of people we want to be. We are better than this and we will insist our Representative be better as well.


John Olson

One Response to John Olson’s Open Letter to Governor Chris Christie

  • Rex

    John, I agree with you totally. I find Bridenstine’s vote embarrassing. In his battle to protect “In God We Trust”, he has ignored that “E pluribus unum” has been our motto since the US was founded. In simple terms, we are all in this together. Didn’t we recently receive disaster assistance ourselves?