Proud Tulsa County Democrat

Kimberly Fobbs became a Democrat because, as she puts it, “I saw early on that not everybody welcomed, appreciated or included the idea that we need all of us to make this society work.”

For Kimberly that revelation came when she herself was a child. It happened, she said, while volunteering alongside her mother at church and various social outreach programs. Kimberly said the family moved to several communities while following her father’s career. Being exposed to so many people whose cultures and backgrounds vary widely, Kimberly said she came away believing she knows what that sense of community is all about.

“Some of us are trying to hold the ladder of life for others. Some of us are working to get that first step up the ladder. And some are already on top asking; ‘What can we do to build more opportunities for all?”

According to her, helping others isn’t just the nice thing to do. It is an imperative.              “It’s in the Constitution. We have a responsibility to form a more perfect Union. You can’t do that when you leave people behind.”

Just one of the ways Kimberly puts into action her words is through volunteerism. And the list is long. In addition to having been a candidate for state office – twice, she has served on the Oklahoma Judicial Nominating Commission; a volunteer “job.” And currently she is the Chair of the Tulsa County Democratic Party, also a non-paid job.

Most would be satisfied with those efforts alone as having fulfilled a personal calling to serve Oklahoma. But Kimberly doesn’t stop there. Over the years, she’s volunteered at no fewer than six area agencies providing time, physical skills, and assistance where ever needed. Some of those agencies have included: Habitat for Humanity; Tulsa Area United Way; Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club; Junior Achievement and she also is a member of Reading Partners where she spends time reading to students at an area elementary school.

Her husband and children might think she has done enough but she also lends a hand at Big Anthony’s BBQ in East Tulsa, a restaurant she co-owns with husband Anthony Fobbs. Then there’s her own business, FCG Group a small business consulting and marketing firm.

The Democratic party, Fobbs says, is the party that best exemplifies those principals.

“The thing about the Democratic Party is we welcome everybody in, the way you are, but then we all get into lockstep in order to form that more perfect union.”

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