Become a Precinct Officer

Get Activated in your precinct

We need your help.  There are may be open seats in your precinct that need to be filled.  We are working hard to fill as many precincts with the officers needed to coordinate voters.  Tulsa County Democratic Party has a number of leadership seats open across the county. We encourage all good Democrats to step up and continue to move the party forward by serving as an officer in your precinct. With your collective work we can fight for a better Tulsa and begin winning elections one precinct at a time.

The Tulsa County Party is moving forward. Join us as we begin to revitalize our coordinated efforts in Tulsa! Please fill out a volunteer form if you are interested in being appointed.  This is a truly vital resource for the TCDP.

Precinct Leadership

Precinct  leaders  and  volunteers  in  the  Tulsa County  Democratic  Party  are  a  network  of  activists  statewide  with  the  electoral  goal   of  boosting  turnout  of  likely  Democratic  voters  in  their  neighborhood,  cities  and  counties.  Precinct  leaders  achieve  their  goals   with  the  backing,  resources  and  direction  from  candidates  and  state  and  local  party  organizations.

The  precinct  is  the  smallest  political  unit  in  Oklahoma  politics.  There  are  2,108  precincts  in  Oklahoma  dividing  up  77  counties.   Size  of  precincts  range  from  fewer  than  100  registered  voters  to  well  over  2,000.  They  cover  both  urban  and  rural  areas.  In  a   close  election,  whether  statewide  or  local,  a  strong  precinct  operation  may  likely  decide  the  outcome.     Money  may  buy  expensive  media,  but  precinct  organizers  get  the  votes  out.  Votes,  not  money,  win  elections.  Active   volunteers  in  precincts  are  the  real  currency  of  successful  campaigns.

Precinct  organizations  drive  the  success  of  the  Tulsa County  Democratic  Party  and  its  candidates.  County  party  officers  are   responsible  for  providing  direct  support  to  the  precinct  leader,  and  localizing  goals  to  meet  the  needs  of  candidates.  Each   Congressional  District  also  has  an  organization  to  coordinate  regional  efforts.  On  a  statewide  level,  the  Oklahoma  Democratic   Party  provides  campaign  resources,  tactical  help,  communication  and  leadership  to  support  and  guide  the  entire  statewide   organizational  effort.

As  a  precinct  leader  of  the  Oklahoma  Democratic  Party,  we  will  normally  provide  your  name  and  contact  information  to   candidates  in  your  area.  Do  not  be  surprised  if  a  candidate  attempts  to  recruit  you  into  their  own. The  task  and  importance  of   being  a  precinct  leader  is  priceless.

To  be  an  ideal  precinct  leader,  an  individual  should  stay  in  touch  with  house  district  &  county  party  leadership,  assist  the   county  party  and  canvass  his  or  her  precinct  at  least  once  for  Democratic  candidates  before  an  election,  and  please  plan  to   donate  a  your  time  in  the  last  72  hours  of  a  General  Election.

If you are interested in taking a crucial role in getting Democrats elected please e-mail us at

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