What does a Precinct Officer do?

Duties of Officials

Section 1: General Duties – All officials of the Democratic Party shall:

A) Support the Democratic Party by attending Party meetings and workshops, Party and candidate fundraising events, and other related events.

B) Know the Democratic candidates running for elective office in their area and actively campaign for their election.

C) Encourage unregistered citizens to register Democratic.

D) Actively encourage Democrats to vote in elections.

E) Be familiar with the rules, procedures and deadlines governing absentee voting.

F) Be informed about the positions of the Democratic Party and its candidate on contemporary issues.

G) Know the dates of upcoming partisan elections.

H) Support the Party through financial contributions.


Section 2: Precinct Officers and Officials –

A) The Precinct Chair shall:

1) Preside over meetings of the Precinct Committee,

2) Represent the Democrats of the Precinct at meetings of the County Convention,

3) Be responsible for seeing that the results of Precinct Committee elections are timely sent to the county secretary,

4) Know current boundaries of the precinct,

5) Know the location of the precinct polling place,

6) Know who the members of the precinct election board are and help the County Central Committee in finding and recruiting replacements,

7) Know of voter registrars in or near the precinct, (Registrars are no longer needed with the Motor-Voter Bill.)

8 ) Maintain contact with the Democrats of the precinct by holding Precinct Committee meetings and workshops and by canvassing them on local races and issues,

9) Maintain contact with the County Central Committee,

10)  Recruit and train precinct workers,

11)  Maintain a list of locations in the precinct where Democratic candidates may post campaign signs,

12)  Read and become familiar with the Democratic Party handbook,

13)  Maintain a current list of registered Democrats in the precinct with telephone numbers.


B) The Precinct Vice-chair shall:

1) Preside over meetings of the Precinct Committee when the chair is absent or is otherwise unable to preside,

2) Assist the precinct chair in fulfilling the duties of the chair as the precinct chair may direct,

3) Collect contributions to the Democratic Party and be responsible for forwarding them to the county vice-chair.


C) The Precinct Secretary shall:

1) Take minutes at Precinct Committee meetings and forward a copy to the county secretary,

2) Tally votes for Precinct Committee elections and forward the results to the county secretary,

3) Record any resolutions the Precinct Committee may adopt and forward them to the county secretary,

4) Be responsible with the precinct chair for notifying the Democrats in the precinct of Precinct Committee meetings and of other information as the chair may instruct,

5) Perform such other duties as the precinct chair may direct,

6) Record the name, address, and telephone number of all Democrats who attend Precinct Committee meetings and forward a copy to the county secretary.