Vice Chairwoman

Shelby Stauffer


Shelby’s family comes from a long line of public service. Her great grandfather, Jed Johnson, served this state as a United States Congressman for 28 years. As a senior in college she was given the opportunity to be an unpaid college intern for the Committee on Education and the Workforce, Democratic staff.

After her six weeks interning, she was offered a permanent position on the Committee and due to the graciousness of Oklahoma State University, they waived the few remaining hours she required to graduate. She then started full time employment in Washington DC and received her degree in Business.

In Shelby’s time on the Committee, they rewarded her work by doubling her pay.  One of her many responsibilities was organizing all Committee functions and communicating with staffers. Shortly thereafter she was offered her choice of two roles: 1) Assistant Press Secretary 2) Administrative Assistant to the Education Arm of the Committee.

She instead decided to come back to Oklahoma.  Since being back she has started a successful construction company and organizes some of the Tulsa County Democratic Party’s most successful fundraisers before becoming our vice-chairwoman.