Vice President Joe Biden Visits Tulsa

Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden Visits, Draws Contrast with Modern Republicans, 8/30/11

Tulsa, Tuesday August 30th 2011 - At a Fundraising Reception in Tulsa on Tuesday, Vice President Biden was introduced to a small room of Tulsa donors and Party officials.  In a joking reference to the current drought of Democratic Party elected officials in the state of Oklahoma, Biden said, “I’m flattered you’d be seen with me.”  The room erupted into laughter.  The speech that followed took on a more serious in tone.  “I have a bad reputation of saying all that I mean, even when I shouldn’t.” He then went on to describe what he called a “ground game” in reference to the upcoming presidential election.  Biden spoke at length of his pride in the President’s leadership citing specific examples. “He decided to risk not only the lives of our special forces but risk his very presidency on getting Osama Bin Laden.  He was prepared to follow him to the gates of hell.”  He then went on to say “what it said to the American people was this guy not only is all the things they thought, but has a back bone like a ram-rod.” 

Vice President Biden said in reference to the tough campaign ahead, “[President Obama] is one of the few elected officials who believe that if you have to be a one term president and do the right thing.”  The Vice President concluded; “that’s the reason why he’s going to be a two term president.”

In reference to the Tea Party, Biden explained, “this is not your father’s Republican Party.” The Vice President drew a stark contrast between modern Republicans and the modern Republican Party stating, “Americans need a strong Republican Party, because we need to have somebody with whom we can make a reasonable deal.”  Vice President Biden went on to discuss the debt ceiling vote.  An experience that suggested the Congressional Republicans power structure was akin to the “tail wagging the dog”. Biden then went on to say that in the current Republican Party, “the Tea Party is in control” and that within the GOP, there is “no one willing to take them on.” 

Before taking questions the Vice President concluded, “the one big difference between us and them, is that we think the strength and backbone of the nation is a burgeoning, strong, secure middle class and they don't.”