Karen Gaddis Volunteer Training

Getting started - watch the video to see how to install the MiniVan app and to create your action id on your phone.

Watch the video to learn about the VAN and how to download and use the MiniVan

We are using the minivan to execute the door knocking and phoning needed to win HD 75 for Karen Gaddis. There are other interesting videos produced by DFL on VAN but today all you need to do is follow the instructions to load the MiniVan on your phone and then Create Your Action Id - remember your password. We will give you a list number when you come in to pick up the literature for the campaign.

Next, click here to learn more about Karen Gaddis watch this video.

Volunteer today we need your help to win this special election. Call 918-645-8904 today to volunteer today!

We knock on doors because people are 8 to 10 times more likely to remember the candidate and to actually vote when you connect with them face to face - one to one.  Be the person who helps win this election - knock on some doors!

Volunteer now! Call 918-645-8904.