Voter Info

Register to Vote!

Voting is a fundamental right—and when we make our voices heard, we can keep moving our nation forward, building a fairer, stronger, and more just America. is a one-stop, online voter information hub where you can register to vote and get everything you need to make your voice heard this November.

Get others Registered

The Tulsa County Democratic Party encourages you to help us make democratic voices heard in our state.  You can help by coming by and picking up a stack of voter registration forms to have your friends fill out or you can host your own voter registration drive.

Same Day or At The Poll Registration.

Oklahoma doesn't have same day or at the poll voter registration so you'll have to register early. You'll also need ID to register. Contact Us if you need help getting registered.

On Election Day

Recent changes in Oklahoma statutes make it mandatory that you show proof of ID at the poll whether you'll be voting at your local precinct or early at the Tulsa County Election Office. You may also show your voter ID card. If you have concerns you may also cast an absentee ballot.