Disabled Voter Assistance

Voter Assistance in Oklahoma

Additional information from the Tulsa County Election Board

Oklahoma voters who have visual or physical disabilities may be able to vote independently and privately with new technology available for use in federal elections. Oklahoma uses a vote-by-telephone system that allows voters with disabilities to cast their ballots independently at their regular precinct polling places using a regular telephone. Voters listen to instructions and a recorded ballot and make selections using the telephone keypad. After the voter has made selections for all races and questions on the ballot, the system produces a marked paper ballot, scans it, and reads it back to the voter over the phone. The voter can make changes if needed before finally casting the ballot.

The marked paper ballot is produced at a single secure location that is controlled by authorized election officials. The paper ballots are kept secure. After the polls are closed, the ballots are transmitted to the appropriate county election board, where they are counted and included in the final election results for the county.

For a demonstration of the telephone voting system, click here

Some voters choose to vote with the assistance of another person. The Precinct Officials at your polling place are trained to offer assistance to voters who request it. Assistance is available at all elections for:

  • voters who have physical disabilities and are unable to mark their own ballots
  • voters who have visual impairment
  • voters who have physical disabilities or infirmities and are unable to enter the polling place
  • voters who cannot read

Choosing Your Assistant

If you need assistance to vote, you may choose anyone you want to help you, as long as the person is not your employer or an agent of your employer or an agent of your union. You may be assisted by a relative, a friend, or by one of the Precinct Officials at your polling place.


Polling Place Accessibility

Oklahoma election officials are working to locate all polling places in buildings that are accessible to voters with disabilities.

Some voters with physical disabilities still may be unable to enter their polling places, however. These voters may be assisted by two Precinct Officials outside the polling place. This procedure is called “curbside voting.” Call your local County Election Board for more information.