Registered Candidates of 1st Congressional District

Oklahoma State House of Representatives

Emilie Tindle

OK House District 11
Emilie Tindle Website

Susan Carle Young

OK House District 23
Susan Carle Young on Facebook

Rick Parris

OK House District 29
Website Coming Soon

Monroe Nichols

House District 72
Monroe Nichols on Facebook

Regina Goodwin

OK House District 73
Regina Goodwin Website

John Waldron

OK House District 77
John Waldron Website

Meloyde Blancett

OK House District 78
Meloyde Blancett Website

Melissa Provenzano

OK House District 79
Melissa Provenzano Website


Oklahoma State Senate

Kevin Matthews

OK State Senate District 11 Kevin Matthew on Facebook

Jo Anna Dossett

OK State Senate District 35 Jo Anna Dossett Website


Allison Ikley-Freeman

OK State Senate District 37
Allison Ikley-Freeman Website

Shawna Mott-Wright

OK Stae Senate District 39
Shawna Mott-Wright Website

United States Congress

Kojo Asamoa-Caesar

United States Congress for Oklahoma Congressional District 1
Kojo Asamoa-Caesar Website


United States Senate


Abby Broyles

US OK Senate
Abby Broyles Website