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With your vote you have the power to choose leaders and pass laws that affect your everyday life.  By being informed and participating in elections, particularly at the state and local level, you are making a difference!

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County Officers

Current Tulsa County Officers serve a 2-Year Term from March 2021 - March 2023.

State Party Structure

The structure of the Oklahoma Democratic Party starts at the smallest geographical area of a precinct and expands all the way up to the State level.

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Key Issues

Criminal Justice

Oklahoma's criminal justice system is in desperate need of reform. Our heavy-handed criminal code has created a school-to- prison pipeline that is destroying the lives of thousands of Oklahomans and serves only to line the pockets of corporate prisons with one of the highest incarceration rates in the world. We must modernize our laws to end the failed war on drugs and other policies that target poor Oklahomans and carry on a disgraceful legacy of systemic racism throughout our justice system. Together we can make laws that work for Oklahoma communities and reform our law enforcement agencies and court systems to serve and protect all Oklahomans.

Affordable Health Care

Healthcare is a human right that must be guaranteed for every Oklahoman. Too many Oklahomans lack adequate mental and physical health care, an often insurmountable obstacle to prosperity for many among the middle class and working poor. Medical diagnosis and treatment is a personal, private issue that should be decided solely by a patient and the medical provider of their choice. It is inexcusable for the government to dictate what a patient and doctor may decide is in that patient's best interest. With your help we can build a healthcare system that cares for everyone, especially the most vulnerable Oklahomans!


Education is an investment in Oklahoma’s  future. It’s no secret that Oklahoma can do better when it comes to education.  The  Tulsa County Democratic Party is passionate about improving education in our state. Every child deserves to have access to the highest quality of education, no matter where they live! And our teachers should have the supplies they need and be rewarded for their commitment to teaching. The Tulsa County Democratic Party supports efforts that provide Oklahoma public schools with the resources to facilitate a healthy learning environment; advocate for  teacher pay as  a living wage commensurate with their expertise and importance in society; and  prepare students to be successful citizens of an ever-changing world. Join us as we work to elect pro-education candidates who will restore and strengthen our public school system in 2018 and beyond!

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