Reorganization is the process of electing new bodies within the Oklahoma Democratic Party, from the precincts to counties, the five congressional districts and, finally, to the state level. This process takes place during the odd number years.

Precinct Elections

The purposes of the biennial precinct meetings are to; elect precinct officers to serve for the next two years and submit recommended changes to the state party platform and/or state party rules.

Tulsa County Convention

The purposes of the biennial county convention are to; elect county officers to serve for the next two years and sign up to be a delegate at the 2023 state convention.

Congressional District Convention

Congressional District Convention

Saturday, May 13th, 10am

Credentialing starts at 9am

Pipeliners Local 798

4823 S 83rd E Ave, Tulsa, OK 74145

State Convention


Build The Party You Want

County parties are run and staffed and created by citizen volunteers like YOU. Learn all about the duties of precinct officers and how to build lasting political power in Tulsa county.

SATURDAY, mAY 13, 2023

ODP Congressional
District 1 Convention

More details about the OPD CD1 Convention.

Pipeliners Local 798, 4823 S 83rd E Ave, Tulsa OK 74145

9am Credentialing

10am Call To Order

Don’t have a printer? Visit the TCDP HQ and we can get you a copy.

State Party Platform And Rules

You can view and download the state party platform and state party rules by clicking the links below.


2021 Constitution


2021 Bylaws

DNC Platform

2020 DNC Platform

ODP Resolutions

2021 ODP Resolutions

TCDP Resolutions

TCDP 2021 Resolutions