We are a diverse community anchored in the belief that every citizen deserves the opportunity to succeed, grow, and prosper.

February 14th Election

Board of Education Primary

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Who We Are

Tulsa County Democrats are hard-working Americans who believe respect, cooperation, unity, and empowerment should be the cornerstones of our country. We stand for equality based on our shared humanity, where opportunity and social justice is for all.

Our Priorities

Our values include policies that support healthy communities, families, and a strong economy; including fair wages, equal access to quality education, affordable health care, housing, retirement security, criminal justice reform, and protecting the environment.

About Us

The TCDP has more than 125,000 registered members, we represent one of the most active communities of Democrats in Oklahoma. We believe the well-being of each and every American is essential to a vibrant economy and thriving community.

How can you participate?

The Tulsa County Democratic Party is fighting to renew the promise of Oklahoma, but we can’t do it alone. Join hundreds of other passionate volunteers! We’re confident that you will find volunteering a fun and rewarding experience!

Tell the world you’re ready to join us by signing up for a shift. Then, forward this link to your friends! Whether you’re a first-time supporter or a veteran volunteer, this organization belongs to you. You own it, and you power it. Volunteer today!

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