Join a Committee!

Joining a committee gives you a unique chance to collaborate with like-minded individuals,
make a tangible difference, and contribute to our success in Tulsa County!

Candidate Recruitment

The Candidate Recruitment Committee is responsible for helping the Tulsa County Democratic Party identify and recruit Democratic candidates to run for office in Tulsa County. 

Community Action

The Community Action Committee is responsible for identifying volunteer activities and county initiatives that TCDP volunteers can take part in. This Committee plays a vital role in building and sustaining relationships in communities across the county.


The Education Committee is a place for public education advocates to come together and promote our party's values. This committee works closely with the Legislative Advocacy Committee and help engage members in events and initiatives that support public education in Tulsa County. 


The Events Committee is responsible for planning, organizing, and executing successful events that align with the organization's mission and goals, providing memorable experiences for participants. 


The Fundraising Committee is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to secure financial resources and support for the Tulsa Count Democratic Party’s activities, programs, and projects.

Legislative Advocacy

The Legislative Advocacy Committee is responsible for tracking and updating our membership on happenings at the state legislature and training members on how to find their representatives, track active legislation, and effectively communicate with their legislators.

Marketing & Outreach

The Marketing & Outreach Committee will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to promote the Tulsa County Democratic Party’s values, events, candidates, and to grow the party through traditional and digital media.

Volunteer Recruitment

The Volunteer Recruitment Committee is responsible for identifying, recruiting, training, and retaining volunteers to staff the office, staff events, and help candidates during the election cycle.